Queue times again

I know queueing for anything bigger than 5-man in the middle of the night is anything from 1 hour to next day. In legion and other previous expansions we could see a more real estimated queue time like 45 mins to 1 hour to unestimated queue time. In BfA:

- At 2am I joined a queue for an epic bg. Expected queue time: 12 mins.
- 45 mins later I switched to ally mercenary due to no luck on horde side. Expected queue time: 8 mins.

2 hours and 9 mins later: Expected queue time 8 mins (merc ally). Still no epic bg.

This is like on the phone "You're no #1 in the queue and next in line. Please hold on" *music* for the next 3 hours. So don't you feel a little stupid, Blizzard? I feel you're pissing on my back. Pardon my french...

Give me the real queue times back. Now.
Normally I have 6 - 8 min expected queue in the evening and get in after 4 - 5 min.

At night this weekend I had same exprience, I waited for 45 min, rejoined the queue, waited again 30 min and left the game really.

Feels like there are only 20 people online or something! :/
feel same way about epic bg queues on horde
if it says average wait time 9/10/11 minutes then dont pop queue when its after 16 or 20 minutes thanks
i only noticed one thing with epic bg queue. if estimated is like 8+ mins and it pops in 2 or less, then it's 90% chance to be a lost AV in progress :P
17 min avg waiting time for an epic bg, after 45 mins I gave up, quit and played another game..

I don't see how blizzard can be satisfied with the current waiting times?
The current wait times are because there are less alliance queuing. If you want faster times, then play alliance. On my alliance main the time is a fraction than it is when I am on my horde alt. I think one way to fix it, is to lesson the minimum # of players required for some of the battlegrounds, this might help with the issue. The queue times for epic battlegrounds recently for me on my horde alt, is around 15 to 20 minutes.
I feel lots of Allince have dished PVP, due to the very short queues. I have 2 - 3 min queues now.

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