[H] New Healer - Deathwing

The Maelstrom / Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning's Blade
Hello there, i'am French frog leg dude who's rerolling on English Servers.
I was tired of the toxic french community si tried to get on the english servers.
The people have been a lot nicer so i regret nothing.

I haven't play since Cataclysm, but i'm im very excited to get back on the track for the HL PVE content and some PVP. I got almost all parts of the Heirlooms (except the pants) and i'm almost lvl60 in the first days of farm. so leveling is just a formality for me.

I'm actually looking for a social active guild to do some HL content, and maybe provide me the pants parts of the heirlooms so i can get there faster x')

I'm currently playing priest (learning to play Disc) but i plan into boost to lvl110 another healer when i get the extension (Shaman or Paladin most likely)
I might need some help in the beginning to get my marks again but don't worry i learn things very quickly :)

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