Honestly, you people act hysterical...

because, like cosmetic surgery, there is only a finite amount of developer time (or in the paradigm of cosmetic surgery, medical hours) and if the focus on developer time is not on wow then wow will suffer and possibly die.
Which none of us want to see.

it all depends on how much wow suffers with the movement of developer focus
Using a heavy hitting IP to lul people in to microtransaction world is dirty, and you're being naive if you think they're not trying to change the market to make microtransactions more acceptable. Everywhere. They won't be happy until players spend 13k on their games per year [happens a lot in mobile city builders], but you can voice your distaste now.
If people pull their head out of that very place and watch what goes on with other games they will see that MANY games started develop and let out mobile versions of the games. I played only three game in 15 years so i can be called noob in gaming. But yet i see that mobile content slowly pushs out the PC ones. First suffering communication. after suffers tech support of servers, events become less interesting (more just ot get rid of player base - take it or leave) and their rewards and so on, while the Xbox and Mobile players have literally all attention and effort from devs.
Should be an idiot to not notice it.
13/11/2018 06:28Posted by Mavys
Yes because there is no examples of companies destroying beloved franchise because of greed or shoving some agenda down peoples throats.

God I miss C&C
12/11/2018 23:33Posted by Xemeron
Blizzard makes ONE mobile game for a franchise with a very simple gamplay...

Whole Internet erupts in panic and runs around screaming "OMG ACTIVISION TRIES TO KILL PC GAMING!!!!"
Again why here, not everyone here is a fan of diablo nor is this a diablo forum.

Seems like your the one obsessed with bringing it up.
A few years ago, Diablo for mobile was an aprils' fools day joke.
Look how far we've come.
It is like going to apple convension and they announce a new samsung product.

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