Black Temple Timewalking Lockout Issue!

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I was on my rogue clearing black temple timewalking today. I had to leave the raid for a couple of hours and as you can see at the picture i killed every boss until the council fight! I dont know why but we tried with a group of people to que up for the last part of the raid (2 bosses left) but as you can see this door is locked and we cant continue! I dont know if its a bug but i would like some clarifications here!
Honestly i dont want to run the same place again until there for a second time it takes ages...
Image here :
oops, what i wanted to say is that I had it too on my dh today. We looked if there was still thrash left or bosses respawned back, what i saw in another tread. And we even resetted the instance a couple of times and noting changed that door for openening.

I guess we need that thing which tirion used to open the gates at icecrown citadel in wotlk :s
This is 5 yrs old bug, if you logout or gay dced while in raid in BT u cant continue ur raid until next reset.. welcome in never end bug
Hey Docvirus,

Not sure what you've done to resolve this, but please try the following:

- Have your group exit the raid, and you reset the instance (or whoever is the group leader).
- Stay out of the raid for 30 minutes, that will force a soft reset to the instance.

If the above two things do not help, contact the in-game support from here.
Nothing of those options worked i guess will open a ticket for it! Thanks for the answer though!
It wouldn't surprise me if Timewalking Black Temple used a lockout for the entirety of the Event, to only give you one shot at a full clear, per TBC Timewalking Event... per character.

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