<The Tory Party> 7/8 hc now recruiting

The Tory Party have recently been given the Queen's blessing to form a strong and stable guild to see us through these trying times in battle for Azeroth and beyond.

Our leadership is made up of players who have spent their time playing on various realms and settled on ravencrest to try and get something going together. Our goal is to set up a long term raiding team for Uldir and beyond, our philosophy is a casual one. We're old enough to have raided 5 days a week and experienced the burnout that comes with it. So are looking to work our way up through heroic and eventually on to Mythic on a limited 2 day schedule.

At the moment we are mostly looking for DPS to complete out our 20 man team, and have already made some progress with limited numbers, with 5/8 bosses on heroic down as of last Sunday.

We are currently seeking melee DPS and a warlock to join us 2 days a week 20:30 - 23:30 server time. This is fewer nights than the majority of guilds but being number 1 isn't our goal. Having a stable team and clearing the content (while having fun) is more important to us than being the first to clear it.

Whether you've been raiding for years and just don't have the time, or this is your first expansion we want to hear from you!

For more information get in touch with myself (citrus#2397), Mortainius#2115. We hope we can count on your vote!
Update :
We not have our final healer although exceptional applications will always be considered. Still looking for the last few DPS to make it to 20.
Still looking for a few DPS, in great need of a warlock and some melee DPS.

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