Dc priest against assa rogue

Hey guys.I have arena with dh everything would be fine but we cant win against rogue+heal(especially dc priset) so much pressure from rogue.I try to fake cast,mc rogue when i cant,fear,when kidney he get imprison almost always, press PS when vendetta but without success((My teammate focus enemy heal or he should focus rogue?idk
Can u give me some tips what we should to do?(
Play defensive build, castigation+contrition and maybe Archangel too. And use Dome of Light for 2min 70% bubble on every vendetta. With a DH you can play the mana game, im pretty sure. At least you can survive every burst attempt of the rogue.
And if you still struggle, use masochism too.
When he kicks your penance all the time and you fail to fake kick with something else. Fear him. WHen you use big bubble on every vendetta, the rog really has to commit his other CDs to even be able to kill you. But then you have rapture and PS.

Dont fake cast if you have two spell schools. Use your holy spells until he kicks then cast shadow mends. Try and LoS the other priest, make sure you pre shield kidney shot (use omnibar). Trade cooldowns for cooldowns, when he does a kill attempt try and predict it and pre pain sup/ power word barrier. You can fear him when he goes hard as long as he doesn't have cloak but make sure to reengage the rogue in combat before fear ends. No point trying to run. Communicate with your dh because dh has tons of peels, imprison (unnerfed from Legion for some reason), fel eruption and chaos nova as well as darkness. Honestly if rogue mongos you its probably better dh comes to you.

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