Void elf or Human?

aesthetically speaking, which one?
I know it's personal preference, but i'm having a hard time deciding. Especially 'cause all swords seem to clip with void elf's cape! D: otherwise it would be an easy choice for me. clipping is an issue and is making me torn between the two xD
I know i can hide the cape but i have a mog i like that goes well with the it.
void elf imo. i just didnt want to farm it for weeks.
i vote for myself since i am modesty incarnate, the rest are but pale and cheap imitations.
Void elf, oviously.

But on the serious note, both humans and VElfs have really nice animations for a warrior.
If I was alliance though, I'd go for a dwarf :-).
void elf for the battleshout sound alone.
ask yourself: ''i m fabolous enough to be an elf?''

the answer will be your choice
Human. Swords clip with cape on void elfs, but somehow that problem is not existing with blood elfs. On top of that some of the weapons clip into your leg.

Oh and the recklessness/shouts scream makes my ears bleed
Dwarf,only dwarf all other races are pussy.
void elf warrior is disgusting.

play GNOME. (for PvP) I !@#$ you not gnome is the best pvp race for war.

if pve idk probs dark iron dwarf

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