Alliance player LF hardcore guild and M+ Team

Twisting Nether
Hello there! I am currently raiding as part of an alliance guild 3 days a week we are currently 2/8 M. I take this game very seriously and strive to the best I can, therefore I am looking to continue progression with a horde guild (those racials... ) and looking to join a serious mythic+ team and i'm willing to start from the bottom. I can playing 10+ hours a day most days (I work a job that allows me to do so) and put full effort into theory crafting and simming my character to maximise its potential.

Here are my logs for the current raid tier:

If you wish to contact me in game please add me I would be happy to chat with you :) ZakAttack#21314
Hey dude,

We are currently looking for some DPS for our mythic roster and Mythic plus teams. If you fancy a chat add me Nutonic#2132

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