Zandalari/KulTiran wait

21/10/2018 20:48Posted by Xatary
No, my main race is outside since classic. I don't need to wait.

what u mean outside?
Waited so long for the Zandalari druid main, not giving up now. Might race change the Tauren for this but, the heritage armor looks neat.
21/10/2018 20:22Posted by Fòrum
Anyone else still waiting for theyr new main to become playable?

You can't speak for others. A new race is a new toy to play with.
Lets face it. Blizzard has made racials irrelevant years ago so the class race choice is mostly for Aesthetics.

Wanted to try out Shaman properly for a long time but the Spacegoats and Dwarves did not appeal to me.
Kul'Tiran humans haymacker stun and knock back punch could be useful for ranged classes and specs.

Hope Blizzard can see the appeal of looks with the Tmog communities. Perhaps expand on the different kind of elementals Shamans can use. Primal elementalist talent was a nice touch.
Panderen elementals are uniquely different to others.

Why not have class quests to reach out to different kinds of elementals? Like how the Warlocks got their green fire quest.

The Zandalari I think adds more lore to the world. They seem closer to the Loa than all the other Troll races. It seems that they will be playing a larger part in the story going forward.
Zandalari is ok, Kul Tiran meh.
I waiting the next allied races announcement.
I'm in the same position. I've never been one for alts, I have played one main for almost 14 years (this Rogue, see my Vanilla WoW PvP Feats for reference, yeah it was race changed to a Goblin).

I thought BfA was a perfect time to start over with a new main, and my plan was to go as a Zandalari Shaman when they were announced at last year's Blizzcon.

Right now I have barely touched BfA end-game content, as there is no point. Anything I do on this character will be made redundant, as I plan to shelf it when I can start my new Shaman.

So I am currently just messing around with previous expansion content. And I am really starting to lose interest. :\

It's very silly, as the new races are finished. They were playable in beta, their models are complete. Lore-wise, we have bent over backwards to help them, far more than we have done with any other allied race, and in the case of the Zandalari we have destroyed all their threats and an immature Old God living beneath their region.

In the end, Zandalari and Kul Tirans will be playable in 8.1.5 (apparently), which will probably come about around February next year or so. Almost a year and a half since they were announced, and the Legion Allied Races were made available. What are we waiting for?

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