lf nice spec to play

Hey guys

I play demonology lock and Rdruid since years now but my mates don't want to play with me anymore because my specs are pretty in bad spot rn.

I'm looking for a new class for pvp , i'd like something cool not 3button rotation i don't like this kind of specs , and something useful if possible.

I am impressed, this is the first post that i see that the poster is not crying.

Its usually goes like OMG rogue OP or OMG FIRE MAGE OP or OMG choas bolt hit me big damage. Oh god BM hunter destroying me.

But fire mage is fun now but whiners will nerf it like other fun specs. I have ret paladin too but i got bored of it due to slow gcd.
You could try switching your druid to feral. It has more than 3 buttons for their rotation and brings decent utility in offhealing, roots, thorns etc. It's getting fair amount of changes in 8.1 with the bite build properly being gutted, so feral will turn into rot spec again (which is harder to play). And cyclone is coming back for them.

Rogues are a save bet. Sin is the strongest spec at the moment and while the easiest rogue spec, it's still harder to play than most other melees. Outlaw is playable at the moment and has a ton of control.

Mage is another option, but I can't really say I enjoy their playstyle much with how they are more spamming CC than actually dealing damage in between cooldowns.

Or try one of the other healers. Healers have always been harder to play.
Haha , crying will not resolve anything.

I tried my mw tonight and it was pretty fun but i don't know if it works with something else than turbo or Dh/war.

Mage looks funny too but when i play my reroll it feels boring :/

Thx for answer guys :)
Honestly? Druid is fine imo, it depends on which classes your mates are playing, you shouldn't be forced to reroll when a class is playable, even if it's not top tier.

Demo on the other hand is unplayable, hopefully they will try to address it, since every lock spec is a joke atm.

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