H <GEMS> (8/8N & 5/8H) LFM chill DPS!

We are looking for both ranged and melee DPS to bolster our raid. A mage would be especially nice!

Type of players we looking for...

More like minded people to join our community and progress through heroic Uldir with us and beyond! Your current raiding experience or ilvl doesn’t matter! Gear can be dropped and tactics learnt along the way. Attitude, however, is everything! (That and turning up on time :P )

We raid Wed, Fri and an occasional Monday from 21:00 - 23:00/30 server time.

We are a small tight knit guild whose members range from young to mature with various different IRL commitments: education, work and family. This works for us because we are all of the same mindset: To play the game together in a no pressure, friendly and welcoming environment.

Ok, so more about our raids…

We’re currently 8/8 normal and 2/8 heroic (6% off being 3/8 heroic as of our last pull)!

What do we do outside of raiding?

I’m glad you asked! We run Mythic+ together and we have regular events and games (often with prize draws at the end!) that happen both in game and on our Discord channel. Oh yes, we have a lovely busy discord channel where we chat about anything from random in game stuff to tin foil hat lore conspiracy theories! We also use it to keep in touch outside of the game as well as in!

Community is the heart of this guild and it is something that is really important to us. Here is a post from one of our glorious GMs that explains more indepth what GEMS is all about. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17620512159?page=1

So… interesting in raiding with us? Cool! We can chat here, in game or on our discord channel here https://discord.gg/EHbWT9M
Bump! We have our off tank sorted but are still looking for all kinds of DPS!! Especially a mage and warrior!!
Update - We are now 4/8 HC and hoping to bump that to 5 before reset! Our new members are settling in nicely! We are still looking for more DPS! Warrior and mage are our most desired classes but all are welcome. :)
Another update!! We're now 5/8 heroic! Still looking for DPS - Especially a mage!

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