[H] Unimpressed 4/8M - Casual Raiding Weds/Sun LFM!

Twisting Nether
Hi All,

Who are we?
Unimpressed is a casual raiding guild made up of a core of ex-hardcore raiders dating back to Cataclysm. We've decided for BfA to take a step back and casually raid two days a week. We aim to progress mythic at a chilled pace, no worrying about world ranks, while having fun and enjoying the game.

Raid Times and Current Progress
We are currently 4/8M (progressing Fetid) and raid times are 8-11 server time Wednesday and Sunday.

What classes we are looking for
At the moment we are only seeking ranged dps, those with an off-spec healer would be preferable!

High Priority - Ele/Resto Shaman, Balance/Resto Dudu, Shadow/Disc/Holy Priest

What are we looking for in our players
We'd prefer if the player had some previous mythic raiding experience but it isn't essential. Mainly we're looking for players who know what they are doing or are willing to learn and are happy to chill through mythic,

Gear isn't a huge concern but ideally you would be at least 360+ and have around a level 25 neck.

Outside of raids
The guild remains active outside of raid nights with a handful of more PvP focused players spamming arenas.

Alongside this we normally have 1 or 2 groups looking to push M+10 keys and higher if possible.

If any of the above is interesting to you, just give me a shout on BNet: Nick#21292 or add Nmgante on Twisting Nether

Cheers for reading!
Cheers for the great response guys! At the moment we are trialling a number of melee DPS so I have altered our class needs section.
Hello your post is exactly what I am looking, a casual mythic guild :)sadly I am melee char. If you lack melee dps plz don't, hesitate to send me a pm.
hello .. do u need a tank ? 377 ilvl 4/8 mythic

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