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I Really main monk since MoP the different playstyle way far i would love to bring back Tigerseye brew increase my dmg and heals and put fortifying brew as a baseline Touch of karma changes on pvp its not a big deal...
Reverse harm really a bad move since its replaces Vivify... I dont know what to say we lack survivability.. Really needs a buff we lack stuns we lack heal we lack dmg alot of cds feelsbadman.
I leveled this character and farmed a tmog only to realize that I spent time creating a free kill for others.

I love the martial arts type characters in games like the Final Fantasy series, a shame that monk in WoW is such a fkin disappointment... . I heard this class was completely OP in MoP, I have to ask how can you possibly go from OP to this... .

When I got attacked during leveling all my cool mobility, fancy teleporting and tricks couldn't make up for the fact that the numbers are just not there, everything else just does a ton more damage and healing and has utility that is far more effective even if you play scrub skill cellar mode. Don't even ask about BG, because I live exactly 3 seconds, 5 when karma is available.

Not interested in monk tank and healer specs because they just feel weird to play tbh. Another failure for my character junkyard.
03/11/2018 15:39Posted by Riyana
I leveled this character and farmed a tmog only to realize that I spent time creating a free kill for others.
Look I am not going to defend windwalkers current state, yes we are currently in a bad spot. But you gave up after 19 HKs and haven't even reached max level yet.

03/11/2018 15:39Posted by Riyana
I heard this class was completely OP in MoP, I have to ask how can you possibly go from OP to this...
I don't know where you got this from, yes we we were strong in the end of MoP, but also remember that was 4-5 years ago, the game has changed since then.
I rarely play WW cause of how lacklustre it is, no damage, no survivability, crap utility it really is in a pretty crap state atm. I just play MW cause I have np topping the healing boards in pvp and can keep myself topped up with pretty easy whilst being tunneled by multiple dps. Waiting for the MW nerfs then monk will be completely dead
So it's not just me that feels like my WW monk is feeling awkward and clunky, that's good to know at least! <3

I'm going to give my view on monk ever since I've leveled it up this expansion about a month and a half ago.
My issues with WW monk is that compared to Legion and really compared to MoP the amount of down time there seems to be in the proper dps rotation, correct me if I'm wrong here but I remember actually having to use Blackout kick a LOT more during MoP and Legion. I'm not saying I'm super enjoying bashing blackout kick but give my any button to push rather then to just w8 for energy.
An easy fix from my perspective would be to increase their energy regen by 20% at least if not over 30% honestly, not including the Ascension passive (I've extensively tested Ascension and besides it being the worst choice in that tier for dmg it also didnt fix the clunky problem though it did help a little bit just nowhere near enough)
I'd like to see monk dmg be redistributed in such a way that they're not so cooldown depended and making them a lot more consistent. I think part of the cooldown problem is Storm Earth and Fire is too strong making you too depended on it for your actual dmg, it's fun to use but it feels like an ability like this should be on a 30sec timer, maybe 45 sec at best so you'd have it ready for most trash packs (more like DH eyebeam for example)

Let me remind you guys these are ANYTHING but perfect solutions, just trying to give my input based on my experience with the class, if you have any good ideas please post them! <3
That's my experience for WW now too, up and down like a JoJo. Top damage one pack, below the tank the next... Feels really bad. I agree storm, earth and fire feels like it needs it's cd reducing quite a bit, especially if they eventually push through with the damage reduction on FoF. I'd like to see damage reduced on ToD, on top of the changes coming in 8.1 to karma and that balanced out by cutting the storm, earth and fire cool down in half, making damage far more consistent and a badly timed ToD not being the end of the world.

I also would like to see Fist of the white tiger give energy as well as chi, it just feels very underwhelming right now, both in terms of damage and as a resource generator.

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