[LFG][H] Mage, Semi hardcore - Active and social guild

Twisting Nether
Hey, I am Mizer, 28 from the Netherlands and here's a cryptic TL;DR!
Looking for a raiding guild focused on Raids/M+/Community and General Content! Find me on Discord: Mizer#9733 or /w Suddendeath in game.

Who am I?
My interest in WoW peaked back when I played the Vanilla CBT! Young me, created a ud mage and loved playing it! Vanilla had my first raids, TBC was my favorite expansion! WoTLK was good too, but I died inside during Mop, Cata and Wod.
These days I'm very engrossed with the Wow, SC2 and Twitch communities. Lately the devs have thuroughly rustled my jimmies with the change in communication and 'systems'. My vanilla group of friends might not be interested but I've been enjoying BFA enjoying since! #M.a.g.a - "My hope and my sights are set towards a better future for Azeroth!" ( I really love the Warcraft world )
Outside of the game I study management, work insignificant jobs, Begrudgingly lift weights, Exitedly practice martial arts and shortblades, draw, read, hype up with friends or get cozy with the Misses.

What I expect from my guild;
- A active guild with people to talk & interact with,
- Attendance of 2-3 times/week, (18:00~23:30)
- Somewhat serious M+ teams
- (would be in for:) Achievement runs and general content.

What I bring to the guild
- Can make any raid night thanks to my blessed schedule,
- I love M+, exited at the thought of pushing for global ranks,
- Willing to raid 3* per week,
- If neccesary, Willing to have a second class ready to Raid/M+,
- Currently intent not to leave until either me or the guild dies (lol),
- Very motivated to find improvement, so I can finally be the imba top dps!
- I really love being social while gaming.
- I stream as a hobby, I have a small viewership thats very dear to me. After whatever trial period, socializing, that might be of use or whatever.

you can contact me on Discord: Mizer#9733 or whisper me on my Mage, Suddendeath on Twisting Nether.

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