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Petition to purposely un-optimise warcraft classic for the true Vanilla experience!
10-15 fps with a 1080ti..... yes please
Also we want lag, chinese gold farmers and long queues to log-in.
If you had a 500€++ GPU back then you had 60+ fps too lol.

10-15fps probably was a 50€ GPU in 2005 and 2006. If you have a 250€ PC today then (current) WoW runs like !@#$ too :D

Edit: My 6600 GT was like 180€ even back in 2004, and with that I had over 60fps on what I played back then. And even with my !@#$ty internet (by todays standards) I had 40-70ms ping. Only when half my RAM died it got laggy af, which is why I remember that to this day, had to reinstall WoW every few hours until I found out it was the RAM.
People talk about Vanilla like it was 1995 and not 2005.
10/11/2018 22:38Posted by Trajan
People talk about Vanilla like it was 1995 and not 2005.

Mah boy, back in vanilla computers weren't this advanced yet, we had to control our characters by inserting punch cards, and often we would wipe because people !@#$ed up and couldn't patch their cards fast enough.

I also remember the day I upgraded my screen to a glass teletyper, before I could barely see what was going on!

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