can we have a better in game support please?

When I first started playing wow, if I ever came across a bug or issue in game I would wait maybe 10 to 15 minutes for a gm to help me with it. These days I'm lucky if I get a reply in a day. Its an absolute disgrace. I was doing some quests in felwood and the NPC vanished and I couldn't continue playing. I was faced with the prospect of waiting a whole day before I could carry on playing. This is honestly unacceptable.
I was looking for the suggestions forum because I was thinking that blizzard can do better. If paying a team of staff is now too much, there is an alternative. Enlist a group of veteran players to offer assistance with bugs or issues that could have very simple fixes, for example resetting a players quest completion so that they can find an NPC from an earlier stage in those quest lines. Obviously there would need to be various rules to keep them in check. They could be reimbursed for their efforts by gaining free subscription for as long as they donate their time to assist other players. So maybe if they help other players for a few hours each week they play for free the rest of the time?
Honestly I just want to see better support for potentially game ruining issues.
Very much not possible. WoW is not a private thing made by people in their spare time. It's a billion dollar company which requires to have standards. Having players (outside of the company) assist in customer support would not only mean dire consequences (since we talk here for paying cutomers) if something goes wrong but would also mean Blizzard loses face infront of investors and such.

The whole MVP thing in the forums is a step into that direction but I don't see them doing too much and I guess they don't have any forum permissions or ingame permissions either. I miss too when we had ingame GM's but Blizzard fired too many and also doesn't want that anymore. Why have 50 GM's that need payment when you can have 15 that need payment? Blame Activision and their never ending greed.
I'm actually predicting that there will come a point soon, where you will have a choice when making a ticket.

1 - Priority Support (£25). Your ticket will be answered within 15 minutes.
2 - Normal Support (Free). Your ticket will be answered within 2 weeks.

It will happen! You saw it here first!
in case you haven't noticed, wow's players are no longer a small group of people. Now it consists of millions of players, with thousands of daily tickets.

The fact that you're even getting a response in a day or two is significantly better than what most games out there provide.

You think otherwise? Enjoy valve games then. Send a ticket and see how long it takes for you to get a response. IF you get a response that is. Most of the time, it'll be an auto response anyways.

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