Social guild looking for DPS for Normal/Hc

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Greetings fellow Azerothians,
I started with saying that we are a social guild, because that is what we first and foremost, are. Which is why it is most important that people have a relaxed attitude, can deal with some dark-witted humour and don't take themselves too seriously! We care most about who we play with, not how much damage someone is doing. We have people from al walks of life in our guild from professional athletes, to stay at home dads and some people that (in my humble opinion), are ready for a retirement home!

We recently started raiding and we are surpassing the expectations of everyone included. As such we are looking for a couple of DPS to bolster our numbers to help us alleviate some of the role issues we are facing.

What have we done?
Well, we are now at 5/8 normal and learning Zul'Reborn. We are also starting with the first 2 bosses on Heroic soon, to help us gear a little more.

What are we looking for?
DPS. Whether that is ranged or melee is not of much importance right now, nor is your experience or itemlevel. What matters to us is that you are willing to listen and learn.

When do we raid?
Wednesday's is a shorter run, from 9pm server time 'till 10 or 10:30, depending on how people are feeling.
Sunday is from 8pm to 10:30 or 11.

Feel free to contact me ingame for a chat if you think this is the right guild for you!
Dominique#2146 or Sapphia on Thunderhorn.

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