If Blizz decide to remove 3 classes...

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Which classes you wont miss if Blizz remove them from the game?

My choise:
1) Mage - I found them boring to play. They die too easy in PvP and their cast is slow as hell... And you must stay still to cast 99% of the mage abilities. Also I dont like robes.

2) Shaman - Also boring to play for me. Im not a big fan of shamans lore with all these rituals and totems.

3) Monk - Im not a big fan ot Eastern-Asian culture (kung-fu, samurai, etc.)
Shaman - I mean they’re always in a terrible state anyway, so why not.

Mage - Probably the class I enjoy the least overall. My engineering profession gives me all the portals I need.

I’d say Monk, but I need that 50% exp buff to level my allied races so instead I’ll have to go with...

Hunter - I’ve tried, but I just can’t get into this class at all. Also mail armor tends to suck transmog-wise. So taking them and shamans out of the picture means more plate, leather and cloth armors! In theory.
They should'nt but if anything some of the 3 dps spec classes, though id prefer it by a long shot if they gave those tanking/healing specs instead.
Removing classes... okay.
Hmm... You asked for three, but there's already four of you...
Dh and dk.
nice try Ion
This is silly
Warlock, warlock and warlock, they pretty much gave up on the class for the last 2 expansions, might as well remove it entirely.
I wouldn't wanna remove classes, but I would not miss Warrior, DK and DH.
I'm pretty sure mage, rogue and priest will be at the top of every list
1. Monk
2. Demon Hunter
3. Hunter

Outlaw rogue gets a special mention~ I liked Combat
Mage, fire was ruined post mop, arcane ruined post legion, frost is somewhat okay aoe, but single target is boring
monk dh and dk
Demon Hunter
Death Knight
Mage? Seriously? You people are a joke. They're an archtype class. Regardless if you personally enjoy playing them, removing one of the four primary archtypes is just plain ridiculous.

DK, DH, and Monk.
Monk, Death Knight, Shaman.
Paladin, Demon Hunter and Death Knight.

Go away cringy edgelords.
Geography - never did like it when I was at school

French - found it boring tbh

Drama - there's enough of it on these forums
28/10/2018 06:41Posted by Kaløyan
1) Mage - I found them boring to play. They die too easy in PvP

Lmao, bye.

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