Sword design


over the years the design on weapons has changed a lot. A great deal has improved but on some parts the design has been made worse imo. I don't think Blizzard is using the improved graphics and design capabilities the current game offers compared to early 2005.

Especially if I look at swords. When I flip through the transmog pages of swords, there's such an obvious change in overal design and appearance. The blades have become larger, much(!) larger, more colored and worst thing, a lot thicker. Some blades sport a thickness equal to a female character's upper arm. And I'm talking about the edge thickness.

The blades of early wow look like that, actual blades. Thin, silvery swords resambling a realistic sword design. Now I understand that you're running out of design options with so many weapons in the game, and that the weapon needs to stand out more in order to fit better in the overal game design. But don't exagerate. Maybe you can redesign the old sword appearances with the newer detail and graphic options available in current game design.

Weapons nowadays look like they've been inspired from cosplay, instead of the other way around.

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