[A] <Lucent> 3/8M - 1-day (Sunday) raiding guild!

Lucent is recruiting!

* Concept of Lucent:
Are you a vanilla player, who don’t have time for several day raiding in WoW, due to real life commitments, such as studying, working, sporting, relationship etc., but you still love the game? Do you want to be in a guild with a friendly atmosphere, while still having a dedicated and focused raid environment?

Look no further, Lucent is your best choice! Our aim is to show the world, that serious raiding is still possible with only 1 raid per week. We already showed, that clearing half of the mythic content is possible with only 3-hour raiding per week in Antorus.

Do not be misled by the number of raiding hours! It may seem casual, but we value quality over quantity, befitting our roster, who have minimal time to play the game. The core of the roster play the game since Vanilla, but we also have several really experienced players who showed their worth in the previous expansions. Last but not least our leadership consists of players who led guilds like Genesis, which was one of the top guilds on Silvermoon in its prime.

* Recruitment:
Open positions: 2-3 ranged dps and a restoration druid or a restoration shaman.

Apply at: https://goo.gl/Dhmw6m

Ping officers online: Vikyr, Amise, Entille, Sushirollz, Draxine or my Bnet tag: Khoveras#2626

* Raiding Schedule:
Sunday (Mandatory) – 20:00-23:00 (19:40 invites start to clear trash and pull boss to make the best out of the limited raid time). No breaks.

Wednesday (Optional) - 20:00-22:00 - Doing normal raid until gear/content relevant. Alt run after a while if interest holds.

* Goal:
Heroic content + 3-4 mythic bosses with only 3 hours of raiding

Progress: 8/8HC, 2/8M Uldir

Bump! Still looking for experienced ranged dps! Hunters, locks, mages preferably. Yesterday our first night on Vectis Mythic with 1-day raiding. 25% after 16 tries. Awaiting your applications or just ping me! :)
Bump! Vectis down. Zekvoz inc. to reach 4/8M! Join us! :)
Still looking for experienced ranged dps! Hunters, locks, mages preferably.

We also have optional Wednesday 2-hour run to clear heroic. If someone needs more than 1 occasion. Nevertheless Sunday is the only mandatory raid for mythic progression.

In case you are interested ping me on Khoveras#2626 bnet tag!

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