A few things that still bother me...

Let me just get this out of my chest...

1- Fist weapons and Wands, why ? Besides animation, whats stopping you from lifting the restrictions ?

2- Hair out of hats, npcs have that option (lord stormsong for eg) but not our characters still.

3- Hide chest has to be a thing, im not asking for nudity or something, i just like some shirts as an option for transmog. Or maybe completely hide a shirt/chest piece that looks awful with kilts. Something like that monk boss in scarlet monastery.

4- back to number 3, option for a shirt over chest.
1 - Fist Weapons, nothing stopping them, restrictions going to be lifted in 8.1 or 8.2. They solved it. Wands the problem is that they are ranged weapons and shoot, but Ion said it's on the list

2 - Becasue there's no way to predict what hairstyle player would have, some look good and some would clip through hats. With npcs they can select the hairstyle that doesn't clip with the hat.

3 - Yeah, would be nice, maybe in the future.

4 - Would be tricky to do, and overcomplicate texturing pipeline, there's certain order textures are layered and putting more ifs there would make it more complex. Also hiding chest would solve the issue.

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