Unruly (2/8M) - Recruiting for Mythic Progression


We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids 3 nights a week. Our ambition is to clear current content with players that enjoy the ride. We are a relatively new Guild, but next raid tier we aim to be top 10 on Silvermoon. We boast a good atmosphere in the guild and strive to keep it that way. Our roster consists of experienced raiders from past & present expansions and we're looking for more to join us on this journey.

We are a multinational team with players from all over the world, but we require all members to speak English.

Raid Times
Wednesday/Thursday/Monday 20.00-22.30 Server Time.

Ranged DPS: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Shaman, Warlock.
Exceptional applicants considered regardless of Class/Spec.

What we expect from you
  • Minimum of 75% attendance & sign up to raids in the calendar.
  • Be online and prepared 10 minutes prior to the scheduled raid start time.
  • Join the Guild discord for rules and raid comms.
  • Be focused during boss pulls and remain silent unless it is tactically relevant.
  • Prepared to prove your value for a full time raid spot.
  • Be a team player and willing to help out on tactic duty.
  • A mature attitude, but also to have fun.

  • What you can expect from us

  • A light hearted, but focused raiding environment.
  • A community of likeminded players regarding progress and what we want to achieve in this game.
  • A drama free environment.
  • Occasional extra raids for achievements, mounts etc.(non-mandatory)
  • Ideas welcomed and heard equally.
  • Issues dealt with fairly.

  • Officer Team

  • Mivir
  • Sjonne
  • Wárgasm
  • Contact us in game or get in touch on BattleNet.

    Sorry to op to join!
    Still looking to recruit more ranged DPS.
    Still looking for Ranged, Mage/Warlock/Hunter/EleSham/Priest.
    Still looking to recruit more ranged dps, no longer looking for a shadow priest.

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