Just gave Outlaw a try

Was not expecting it to be so much fun. Thing is, I really like the dots of assassination too. Is outlaw any good for PvP?
Yes it is. Its harder to play than sin but its still bfa gameplay (easy in general).
Try to stack deadshot trait and poly haste stuff.
It is very good. Assa is extremely popular because you get amazing results with an average skill level, but I am convinced that if a player masters outlaw then it will be better than assa. Simply because it looks like the damage is really close, just a little below assa, but you have a better gap closer, less cd on vanish, less cd on blind, and WAY more CC. Gouge can save your life when used on a dps, or if used on healer be the 4 more seconds you need to kill a dps, or make your mates get their cc off. And you have a ranged stun. This is just amazing. You can Kidney a healer from 25y and sprint/hook into gouge every 25s, which gives your healer 10s to come and get a fear or something in 2s, or just range stun to give your mage a free poly in 3s, and during this time you keep meleeing your target to death. Pretty sweet.
If outlaw gets poison (so, healing reduction) through Shiv in 8.1 as ptr suggests now it will be the best rogue spec without a doubt.

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