Constructive thinking about Honor and Alterac

Dear players and Blizzard,

I play Warcraft from its beginnings, and i'm a fan of the Blizzard world. I would have many things to write, many of them positive, really. With this my first message, however, I want to make a constructive criticism towards the state of the PVP and specifically the epic battlegrounds and honor points.
I play for the Alliance from the first day, for a sense of belonging and lover of the Alliance Lore. But I do not think I'm a fanboy, I respect the other faction and I never attacked a horde below my level or once dead. I love the pvp. Warmode always active, I like leading the battlegrounds and fighting in Alterac Valley.
In BfA there are some things that should, in my opinion, be improved.
I hope to receive constructive answers and not to read messages not related to the discussion, thanks in advance.
The situation of the conquest points, normal bg, quest warmode, is good, I like how you get the conquest gear and the variety of bg for 10/15 people. Normal Bg in which you enter quickly and the percentage of wins is balanced between the two factions.

The wrong notes, however, are the follows:

1) honor points: completely useless. I do not even notice receiving them. If they disappeared from the game, nothing would change. Is it so wrong to think of having a prize progression as for the conquest? Example: every 500 conquest a piece of gear 355, every 3000 honor (because it accumulates much faster) a piece of gear 340. Pieces of gear honor for every specialization of your character (i play retribution, but the 340 could happen to me also holy or protection). In my opinion it would be much more stimulating to continue doing bg after the first daily win, and try new specializations.

2) Alterac Valley: My God. What happened to this incredible and historic battlefield? In spite of what we read in various interviews, the reality is that now it has turned into meaningless BG. 90% of the time (and I play so many, the stat you have) the horde faction (and be clear, it is not their "fault") is massed all (30-35 characters out of 40) close to the bottleneck tower / graveyard IB.
Impossible to go forward. Because they are just a few meters away from gy, we are far away. Impossible stealing the gy, 'cause it's a bottleneck subject to aoe damage.
It is not a "fault" of the horde players, they simply understood how to use a battlefield flaw. In fact, the great majority of games end with all Alliance Towers up, Balinda alive and Dun Baldar as quiet as Christmas evening. Our resources simply end. Inevitably before the horde ones, because we are being forced to move from that one narrow space.
Yesterday, the last AV I made, about 80 alliance players, during 40 minutes of useless battle, left before the end. 80! Better 15 minutes of deserter than 30 against a bottleneck. Notice: the problem is not the duration of the bg, years ago lasted 1 hour or more.

Objectively, for the Horde, what sense today have burn the towers, Balinda and Dun Baldar? No one. So it means that we have a problem in the gameplay.
We have lost over the years some historical elements of this beautiful battleground, please do not completely distort it. As things stand now, you could take away every Towers and Captains and leave us 40vs40 alone on the snowy field. But this is not Alterac.
A) change the map near the bottleneck? (after all, the Aliance narrow is much further north)
B) to win the battle it is mandatory to kill the opponent captain?
C) to win the battle it is mandatory to occupy the opposing base?
D) to enter the opposing base we must open a "big gate" and this will come down only by burning first two towers?
Possibilities there can be many and all enhance the experience. Today AV is no longer AV.

I hope I have been helpful, thank you for your attention.

Hello Fellow Paladin,

I'm pretty sure I have seen you more then once before in Altev Valley. You name does sonunds familar.

I have been quite a lot of AV's lately and its a funny thing to see my winrate goes from 58% to 45% in matter of weeks. And the problem is mostly as you described. I understand Alliance had some glorys yeas of this BG due to the rush tactic mostly favored Alliance, but this is another level of "losing" since both sides waste their time in 1h, which may or may not grand you the reward you were going for. Please note, I DO NOT MIND long battlegrounds, I loved when AV took hours even days, but back then you knew no matter what you would get honor for your work and closer to some ranks.

I simply just wish Blizzard would put in some rewards for the honor you gain. I do not mind lose a battleground if the honor I gain is pretty much the same as the other faction.

I like your option D and A.

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