RIP Stan Lee

Argent Dawn

No... NO.... NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A true legend. I do not read Marvel comics, but now he may ascend to Asgard and join Thor in drinking ale in Valhalla.
it's a terrible day for rain...
He'll be our hero forever!
Stan Lee's universe has played such an active role in my life growing up through comic books, movie adaptions, games and whatever else you can think of. It's been there during my ups and downs, especially during my downs it helped me escape from reality even just for a little while to allow myself to envelop in worlds filled with adventure around every corner.

I'll be forever thankful for what he has created, he's lived a long life and throughout being such a charismatic and inspirational figure to a lot of people. My thoughts and warm wishes go out to him and his family, excelsior.
Yup :(
:( RIP Legend
Me and my bro were in the middle of watching Thor when this happened. Damn spooky. Still a true legend.
No :(
Excelsior! RIP you beautiful man.
Thoughtful reminder that through Spider-Man, Stan-Lee is the great-godfather of the Power Rangers series.
[pizza time stops]
A true legend and will always be remembered, rest in peace!
That is so sad.

Rest in Peace Mr. Lee
His cameos in each movie was a treat. Each time I went to see a Marvel film I always wondered how will he appear.
As the almost 36 years old nerd mom now, who fell in love with his work as a 6 years old nerd daughter of a mom who was also more of a nerd than I ever will be, I hope my daughter gets to grow up as an even bigger nerd than both of us combined so that I can share the love and legacy of this legend with her.

Your legacy will live forever in the hearts of all of your fans for generations to come. Rest in peace, King.

Signed with love,
The Iron-Maiden
I did not know Stan Lee. I was never into his things but I appreciated his things either way. I understand that a lot of people are into his creations and love them dearly. I know people will be upset and I respect that. And THAT is what makes me sad rather than his death. He was a good age, an age most people don't reach. He has brought so much happiness to so many people, so I am sad he has finally passed.

May he rest well.

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