RIP Stan Lee

Argent Dawn
He was, and always will be, the greatest of all time.

Gonna miss your cameos old man. Rest easy.
Damn it old man....why you had to go..
RIP Stan Lee, worked for 79 years in the business thats tremendous
My personal favourite Stan Lee cameo was when he appeared as Hugh Hefner in the first Iron Man movie.

Anyhow, rest in peace mister Lee, your legacy will live on and will hopefully help more people to forget their daily woes for a time when they see your heroes and villains in action.

My favourite cameos of his were in Stan Lee's Lucky Man. Always a delight and always unexpected.
Stay strong, true believers!
I've been getting into superhero comics the last year and it was obvious he wasn't gonna stay in this world for long, but man it still hurts to see that news header :(
He didn't die, he just wanted to work with Jack Kirby again.

We're gonna have some good comics waiting for us in the next place :D
this still hurts :(

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