Bought BFA xpack but can't make DH ???

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Just came back after 5+ years, i bought the new expansion pack started lvling this new char .

I really would like to check out the new class Demon hunter that came in the game while i was away.

Now when i try to make one the option is greyed out and when i hover on the DH icon it tells me i need legion ? I just bought latest pack of BFA why to i get this mssg, did i miss something ?
Is it on a realm where you already have a level 70 character, and are you trying to create this with a Night elf or Blood elf?
Hello Sandodo,

As Saneko suggested, please make sure you are trying to create the Demonhunter on a realm that that has a level 70 character already and be aware that only Night or Blood elves can be chosen as a Demonhunter.

Kind regards

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