Is blood talons must take talent?

Hey I am levelling a Druid as feral for first time and well I read talents and blood talons is recommended everywhere is it a big dps loss I plan to do mythic mainly as my othe toons raid and I won’t have time to clear it

I just find blood talons throws me off rotation a lot I’m doing it right around 70 percent but then I end up forgetting tigers buff or ferocious bite I don’t usually struggle with classes and I’ve played everything since classic wow at least once but this clunky rotation is killing me and really frustrating me in previous x pacs I was resto

If some one could give me a spec for mythic plus and dungeons that would be amazing and if blood talons is mandatory then I’ll suck it up and learn to play

Thanks for any help
You can play M+ easily play with Moment of Clarity.
Especially with Soul of the Forest, you can enjoy the gameplay in M+.

If you are out of Energy, you can shapeshift into Bear and can Swipe 4 times and your Energy bar is pooled up almost fully, the 130 Max Energy favors this Shapeshifting.
Ok I’m also reading a few other things like sabertooth and savage roar may be useful
How is it possible to play m+ with blood talons? Brutal slash + MoC is better imo. You've got a lot of dmg for trash and good burst dmg for bosses with incarn.
I don't really agree with Brutal Slash, MoC or SoTF being viable in M+. They don't really have a place in PVE or PVP content, unless you're happy performing at rock bottom.

In M+, as a Feral, you're expected to roll full single target most of the time, especially on tyrannical. You don't take a Feral for AOE, it's pathetic, any number of specs out perform it dramatically. That being said, take this week for example, with the Explosive (+teeming) affix. This is the only possible scenario where SoTF (or maybe MoC) could be useful, although I still wouldn't go out of my way to spec into it. And I still, definitely wouldn't spec BrS here because of it's cooldown factor, Swipe is more spammy since you'll have large reserves of energy with predator (if you play properly).

All in all, Feral doesn't perform well outside of PvP, but if you're interested in pushing high M+ keys, such as 15s and above, you'll need tyrannical weeks, like last week.

Also, I'd like to say that once again, you do not take a Feral for AoE, they're expected to switch to Balance on bolstering/teeming/necrotic/skittish weeks as they offer better utility and obviously twice the damage output even with a much lower item level.
I really advise you to go boomkin for DPS in mythic+ as it will provide the group much better damage and utility overall.
I know that's off-putting for anyone that really wants to go feral but i can garantee you that people will ask "rdps?" and if you say "no" you wont even get an invite.
Next patch ferals seem to be getting some AOE love but I would still take a rogue or a DH over a feral because they provide much more utility to the group than ferals do.
Ferals are all about raw damage while boomkins have an easier time just for the fact that mass silence is so usefull, being ranged also helps the healer alot and since rogues(for example) are in the priority list, group leaders wont take a feral because adding another mellee to the mix will not help anyone, wich is the problem warriors have (they bring good raw melle damage but nearly 0 utility).
Im sorry if im being a downer, but that's the nature of the beast in mythic+, you'll get more chances at raiding instead if you are really into feral thou.
Bloodtalons is for sure awkward at first but if you just stick at it it becomes natural, like everything else. What I do which was helpful is I got an add-on called 'tell me when', kinda like a simpler version of weak auras and have it put an icon on my screen when I have Bloodtalons, Tiger's Fury and Raking Ferocity (azurite trait) active. This way I know when I can do a bit bite or put up a big rip. Also if you mess up your predator's swiftness it's fine to either moonfire to five combo points, or hard cast a regrowth before biting/ripping.

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