Idea to make crafting professions endgame relevant

What if professions could use an Item they already have, some crafting materials, and reforge the Item into a profession Item, keeping the ilvl of it?

Example for Blacksmith: The Blacksmith finds a Shield in a Raid, ilvl 370, Which, like all Items, gives Stats and maybe has an effect.

Now he goes to a Forge ingame and uses the new Reforge Anvil, which allows him to select the Shield he wants to change, and the blueprints he wants to use for it, to create a Blacksmith exclusive Shield of the same ilvl, which has an ability fitting the profession. (For example you get an extra spell which allows you to pour molten metal over the enemies for some damage and a short root/Disable effect)

Doing it that way would solve one of the biggest complains I hear from raiders, that being able to make raid tier equipment with professions would make Raids useless, and it would still allow Professions to create great Items.

Plus we could really get some nice profession related abilities back. Remember in Vanilla, when engineers could make a trinket that summoned a mechanical Dragon to fight for them?

Wouldnt it be cool if they could do stuff like that again, just this time they can actually keep the item to lategame?

It would give developers more reason to actually make interesting stuff for Professions, because they would actually be used in the game.
That ability would make each and every raider blacksmith.
14/11/2018 17:09Posted by Kamazh
That ability would make each and every raider blacksmith.

You did realise I want each crafting profession that can make Gear to get the ability to reforge?

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