goodnight all :)

good night everyone i go into my eternal slumber estimated awakening time patch 8.2..

it's been a fun past 2 months posting on this forum with you guys and girls! good and bad. nothing taken personally, everything with a pinch of salt :D.

take care of yourselves you hear i'll see you all when i return :).
you mispelled 8.1 ;)
14/11/2018 01:34Posted by Espanca
you mispelled 8.1 ;)

:D lol who knows what the gods decide ;) see ya when i see ya!
Take care, Panda. :)
What, you took nothing I said to you seriously!!! I must try harder next time panda!!! :P
Blizzard was timegating content, we are timegating money!
Hibernating eh? Have a nice winter sleep!
Bye Again mate. See you in the future. Maybe when the sinkin ship time will end ill take a hiatus too.
14/11/2018 01:34Posted by Espanca
you mispelled 8.1 ;)

And you misspelled next Tuesday :-p lol see ya Mr dk panda. I'll be watching like a hawk this time though lololol
Sleep well. I do really think things will be better in 8.2, so I also wish you a happy awakening. :)
14/11/2018 01:32Posted by Pixelbear
my eternal slumber

uhm that does not include waking..... otherwise it would not be eternal...Oo
14/11/2018 01:32Posted by Pixelbear
eternal slumber estimated awakening

What Aryliel said. Enough with the fake news Darth!
Bye, and by the way you've got nothing on Asmongold ;)

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