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With the raise of popularity of and generally Mythic+ runs, I can just say that you, Blizzard, are completely useless.

People can currently ruin your key and your fun completely without taking absolutely ANY responsibility for it.

People can join your group and ruin the key you worked for in 1 second. What are you doing to prevent that? Absolutely nothing.

This is really becoming outrages. You want us to depend on a community that is horrible in many ways. I often talk about this with people and often their answers are e.g. "That's why you should only do M+ with friends or people you trust."

Are you freaking kidding me? You want me to limit the spectrum of people in MMORPG because people can simply behave like idiots without being punished in any possible way.

Back in the days before this failed Queue system was invented, you at least had some reputation on your server so if you were an ***hole, you would never get in a group again. Right now, people can ruin your fun.

Blizzard, what are you going to do to fix this?
I second that. Same with people being extremely toxic in LFG. Blizzard obviously doesn't care.
And your suggestion would be ?

Or are you just crying , that people in general are stupid and heartless .
29/10/2018 07:26Posted by Cthian

Guilds are a good way to get into M+, I think they do need to look at how people are behaving in M+ and maybe implement a system.

A lot of the issues with the community in WoW has always come from some 3rd party addon/ website which takes it upon itself to "judge" a person,s ability based on some arbitrary scoring system which in turn creates an elitism attitude (Ie... Only score 1k+ for a +10, or Gearscore 6000, Or some other random value thing)

Blizzard needs to get WoW back on track and break all addons which gain access to this data and force the community to become a community again and actually start talking to each other to form groups, After all what is the purpose of an MMORPG when hardly no one talks to anyone else there is no "community" in WoW all that exists now is these tiny little cliques of people who run the higher content and the rest of the community can get f'ed.

I feel that all they have done with WoW by making all this information about a player accessible to all is condone people discriminating against other people because of their io score or some other thing.

FFS people use your brains, Mythic Plus is NOT a single player event it is a TEAM event you can have 5 raider io 1100,s score completely fail a +10 but a TEAM of people with 500 io score could go onto complete it.

To sum it up Blizzard and 3rd party websites/addons have basically turned WoW into a single player game and people are treating it as so.

All they need to do is add in decent AI Bots available for M+ runs and that will be the nail in the coffin for the so-called WoW Community.
How would you solve it?

And is leavers in m+ ruining keys for giggles really that big a deal? Does it happen to you this often or did it happen once and tick you off enough ro rant on the forums about it?
I have to say that while LFG and LFR have brought a bit of 'ease' to the game (as opposed to standing in a town, spamming general or trade while looking for a group) it has really undermined the whole 'don't be an !@#$%^-' idea. As the OP said it used to be that you had a realm you played on and that after a while you got to know people who played on it. You knew whether or not they were kind, friendly, good players or downright idiots. Idiots would get ignored and the good, kind, friendly people would get invited to groups. Because REPUTATION MATTERED.

Nowadays though? I have no idea who I'll be joining in a group. Yes, LFR quickly becomes too easy as soon as people are outgearing fights (and the mechanics are laughably simple), so in that regard it matters little, but still... for heroic groups, or PUGS through the 'create a group' system it'd be nice for people to know more about the other people joining them than 'hey, his/her ilevel is good enough' or 'he/she has the right achievement' (which means diddly-squat nowadays because you can buy them).

I know that LFR and LFG will never go away, but there has to be some kind of solution for this. To reward the good players and 'punish' (a harsh word, but I use it nonetheless) the bad ones. Otherwise people will eventually stop playing, because things like 'play with friends' or 'find a guild'? Yeah, they don't always apply and guess what? WoW is an MMO, as in MASSIVELY MULTIPLAYER. It's not a 'Play Only With Friends Or Guildies' game.
The way I would solve this is pretty simple.

1. Either destroy or lower leavers key level.
2. Prevent them to use queue system for N number of time.
3. Integrate a system that would truly work when player is reported. E.g. if you accumulate N number of -1's for bad behavior, this would reflect negatively on your game e.g. unable to queue or whatever else. Report system in this game has never worked. It only works for drastic things like hacking etc but this is completely minor compared to how many horrible people you meet in game. has improved and also ruined the fun in this game. Not to mention how utterly more difficult it is to find good group as class X over class Y. And this comes from a person who clears 10+ pretty efficiently, considering I'm a warrior tank.

If such systems are to exist as extensions aka addons, Blizzard should maybe integrate a native subsystem to accommodate this and build features around this. doesn't punish leavers because feature wise, it's really primitive and only thing it does is imports and serializes the data, nothing other than that.

If a player works hard to boost his/hers key and you stumble upon people like that, you should be accordingly punished.
I bet you just invite random people to your group, only checking item level or rio score.

I have a wild suggestion. Before inviting someone, have a quick chat or go look up their M+ history in detail.

If you get any bad vibes, do not invite them or kick them out before starting the dungeon.

If the leader takes some time creating a good group then there is a high chance it will be a good run.

But if you invite bunch of people in 2 minutes, you get what you get. I do not see how blizzard can fix your laziness.
Remember that sadly some people are not as kind as one should like, and thus there is a really big potential that any system will be misused. Remember this when you think of the solution for your problem.

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