Old necro threads by same poster

Well, that's sure messed up my morning of posting.

Try not to make the mistake of responding to many of the threads now on general as they are outdated by 5 to 6 years.
Yeah, the same person necroing at least three, I was wondering why people were talking about soloing Imersius, then I checked the date.
I'm often thinking it'd be nice to have the date of the first post on the thread list.
Noticed it in one after I'd replied...should pay more attention lol
Hopefully a mod can come along and clean this up, because now I have no idea which threads are current and which aren't, unless something obvious is in the title.
3 good things will come of it

1)the poster will serve a ban
2)the posts will be locked and deleted so they can not be necro'd again
3)the poster ruined Tyms morning lol
yes guys this is a very pressing issue we must face the attention of everyone playing this game towards
Report him and hopefully they ban him and the real owner, which I have an idea or two of who he is.
The best way forward is to just report him. Whichever GM deals with the reports will have access to his entire posting history and every character.

Pretty sure somebody with the exact same name did the same thing a couple of years back.
Forum is a bit outdated lacking features that exist on other forums often, i know they are working on new forum tho, anyway i think topics that reach certain age should just get locked unless topic starter intacted with the topic recently, as some one that starts a thread and does't come back to he's own thread probably is't expecting anything anyway anymore.
This pissed me off so much haha, i got bamboozled in several threads not thinking about reading when the thread was made.
Hopefully he gets super banned.
@All: I have sent out reports and requested lock downs. Blues most likely will take care of the troublemaker soonish, just hang on! A nice day to everyone! *bows*
Trelw: soon TM ;)
I think it’s hilarious. Clear evidence the forum community is never happy.
The necro post are 10 and so on. Btw i think our friend lvl 1 want to share with us that even in the old times, a bere the grass was green and girls so pretty, the ppl manaced to unsub, argued about subs and talkd about game ruined. Ah and about their daily quest hate.
Just as a memento.
My new game is “old or new?” but bored of it now. My god does he necro those threads fast though...
It's funny, because he directly hits relevant topics to BFA problems.
"Best expansion ever" - this post got me :P
22/10/2018 07:19Posted by Edgyjojomeme
It's funny, because he directly hits relevant topics to BFA problems.

Based on the titles you’d think they were current topics - baited us all. :p

“Best expansion ever” really got me

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