Freshly transferred horde looking for a guild

Hello everyone, gotta say, feels good to be in the right faction after so many years.

Now, as the title says, i just rolled this alliance rogue because a got tired of the horde, i'm here for a new beginning one would say.

Now that i'm 120 and still gearing up, i'm looking for a friendly, funny, and kinda tryhard guild to raid, raid in mythic mode, do mythic+ and everything with. Obviously since i'm at a low ilvl i'm not gonna ask for a guild who is already progressing on mythic mode. Also, i'd really like some banter to spice to whole thing up, lol.

What can you expect from me?

To always come flasked and well fed, just give me some time to make some gold, lol.
To always play the best performing spec.
To analyze my logs so i can always improve, you know the usual.

For raid times, anything works except friday and saturday, doest not matter if you raid late or not.

If you wish to discuss further my battletag is Burlap#21902.

Thank you for reading, bye. :)

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