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I have two questions about my druid. Ive been told that 20% haste is some sort of haste cap for raiding as a resto druid, i've been chasing that 20% now for a time. I'm now at 18% haste (armory is not updated) got a new cloak from the raid last night.

Is it true that i need to get this 20% haste? When i look at other druids, i see some druids chasing crit instead as resto.

And the last question.. Trinkets!

How good is the darkmoon trinket? I'm thinking about buying it since i hear people hyping it so much. From what i've Heard, the mana regeneration should be really good.

All help would be very appreciated :)

Have a wonderful weekend and take care.

// Eth
trinket is good for mana regen, i use for raids, for dungeon i use crit proc and waycrest trinket.
For raids haste does not seem to be higher stat. I prefer crit haste versa mastery for raid
For dg mastery crit haste versa
I only did 2/8 mythic . My haste was around 10-15 worked fine.
I had been stacking haste, but an add-on (pawn) suggests to me to use crit gear. Strange but true.
No such thing as caps exist. Download the addon healer stat weights if you want to get your exact weights for a specific fight.
Read what to unclick/click if you do dungeons or raid to get proper haste values.
Dont guess and never believe someone saying there is a cap.

And pawn only tells you anything useful if you set it up with your exact stat weights. Which changes every time you equip different gear.
Agreed. I use healer stat weights (hsw) into pawn.

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