[A] Healer LF Mythic+ guild/community.


I'm looking for an active and drama-free guild or community that regularly runs M+ dungeons in the evening and weekends.
Not necesserily looking to push high keys, although I am very open to that. I mostly just enjoy playing different characters at the different M+ levels.

372 Resto Druid
358 Holy Paladin
355 Guardian Druid
333 Resto Shaman

You can check my M+/Raid progress on Raider.io for my main:

BattleNet: trusmoov#2709
Discord: tru#7480
Hey mate going to add on BN we are just looking to add more members to our guild but we love doign M+. We always need healers for our groups :)
Id also love to join a guild like that. Im a very experienced gamer on high level. Nothing is too difficult :) id love a reply :)! I main prot war

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