A - LF PvP/E Guild - Fury/Arms Warrior + HPriest


So I thought I'd try here as I'm not having much luck via other methods to find the guild we're looking for (or if it even exists).

Myself I'm a Fury / Arms Warrior, currently iLvl 369, my partner she is a Holy Priest iLvl 369 (who is currently also levelling a Resto Druid).

I'm looking to find an active guild with players who do Rated Arena / Battle Grounds which has room for a warrior on their team, I'm currently at Rival in 3s.

With regards to PvE my partner and I would like to take part in raids (at least heroic) and M+. For raids we're only really available on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings for raids, so we need a guild who raids on these days or at least runs alt heroic raids on one of these days.

As for M+ we're free most days of the week, and looking for more reliable groups as LFG can be very hit or miss.

BN SirLimbo#2132

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