Need to Kill Tarina for PEPE!

Im watching everyday but always Drov is Up on 2 Servers... need Help from others. got on Deaf ears from the Support...

For Info:
You need to kill all of the Bosses in the Link to get a toy for a permenent Pepe the Bird on your head.

The problem is that Drov and Tarina the 2 Worldbosses share a spawn....
The Support said:"Someday Tarina might spawn"

I guess its a Bug or something it cannot be that if Both share a Spawn its Only Drov Up for several Weeks now. Asked other Players on my realm and one said he is watchin for over 2 month now...

If Someone found him on his Server add me Kuro#2616

I need to kill only Tarina... Do it for Pepe!
They're supposed to rotate, not sure if it's weekly or every 3 weeks (since ruhkmar used to be on rotation too). So you only have to check once a week, if it's drov, then try again the next week.
Nah the Support said its Daily since 7.3.5 and Ruhkmar isnt in the Rotation
02/11/2018 13:23Posted by Amalei
since ruhkmar used to be on rotation too

Never has been on rotation he was always up and Drov and Tarina are daily world bosses and they are REGION wide not server wide and rotate on a RNG system bit like the Legion WB's before they where moved to set rotation.
I checked on my server, but it's Drov too. Too bad :)
TarLna is up an AD..i'll invite you..:)
02/11/2018 13:41Posted by Halah
TarLna is up an AD..i'll invite you..:)

You are my hero!

Thanks @all the replies

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