[H] M+ group looking for another regular member

Looking for Players – PvE
We are a group of 4 regular players complemented with some guildies who play more on and off when it comes to m+. We want to push higher keys after having achieved 10+ in every dungeon. To that end we are searching for an additional good player to add to our group.

We are currently:
Multi-class tank (BDK/VDH/Brew)
Holy/disc priest
BM Hunter

We play most nights between 9 and 12 server time Wednesdays being the guaranteed exception as this is when we do our weekly raid.

We all play atleast an alt and try to do atleast a weekly 10 key on those at some point during the week.

If you think you are the perfect fit to push some keys with this bunch hit me up for a chat: Azzania#2964

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