Ret 370+/Boomkin 360 Ex-CE Player 8/8HC Done

Twisting Nether
Hello, I am from a 8/8 HC guild where we cant progress mythic due to too few raiding members, searching for a new guild which already does some mythic progression. I currently main ret, but can try to do holy for raids, also have a balance druid 360 that is raid ready as well.
You can see my ret performance here, and if you're interested please contact me on discord. Russhhh#3953

Did play in a cutting edge guild in Legion Emerald Nightmare before we disbanded and I quit raiding mythic for the rest of the expansion. Looking to get CE for all tiers this exp.
Hello there! Add me here Jackdaniel#2766, we would be interested for you as a Retri paladin.

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