Is BfA considered worse than WoD now?

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I'm curious.
For me, BfA is so much worse than wod, I can't even put it into words.

What do you think?
i started in wod so i can't say anything about that expansion. but i can say that bfa is worst then legion for sure.
16/10/2018 10:29Posted by Juliuscesar
What do you think?

Muchuch worse.
Much worse.
This is the bottom for wow for me. moving forward they got two options.
Completely trash the game and I leave for good or they kind of go back to previous exp. level and features and it will be in an OKAY state where I would spend SOME MONTHS on sub.

However the big damage is done. Blizz brand went down for me to rock bottom, my expectations toward them is very minimal.
I reached the point where my " little family" of toons will ditched and I won't care wether they live or die.

I rather play division or borderlands at this point, Quake champions, and Battlefield games and warframe. MMOs will die for me with wow and with this exp. probably.
Still too soon to tell.
For all we know 8.2 might turn BfA into a masterpiece loved to death by all.
Ain't gonna happen, but lets be at least somewhat fair.
Although keeping a sub running if you're dissatisfied, in hopes of thing getting better, isn't something I'd recommend.
I simply think that people are jumping on a bandwagon here. Yeah, it's kinda bad in terms of class depth, but it's still enjoyable for me.

People can mock RPers all they want, but it's still them who suffer the least from content drought.
absolutly not.
Well it's better than early WoD but worse than late WoD

I think the biggest issue is that so much good stuff from Legion was just removed for no reason. Only next patch are we getting back Paragon rewards, why wasn't that in at launch? I've already been skipping weeks of WQs and Table missions because all it does is give me gold or reputation.

Same with Artifact abilities, there were so many cool ones that people loved and they were just removed. Why would you do that? Why are all the table missions so bland now, along with the champions and their abilities?

Why can't I do anything with my Hydrocores and Bloods as Enchanter/Alchemist?

I'm sure BfA is going to pick up in a patch or two but the damage will already have been done, not just for this Xpac but also for future ones, as people will be less inclined to "come back" for an Xpac launch knowing every other one is....meh.
Worse then 6.0 WoD? Why? In what way?
Did you forget the absolute lack of any world content?
Did you forget the lack of 5 men content? Heriocs became overgeared in no time at all.

Atleast we now have world quests and Mythic+ as an endgame option next to PvP and raiding.

But most off all: did you forget that Garrisons were so bad due to serverload that people actually could not play at all and instead were booted back into the login screen with the 'instance not found' errormessage.

So no, WoD was way worse; BfA up to now might not be 1 of the best, but still far from that bad.
If you are asking for personal opinions, I still think WoD is the worst expansion I have played. BfA still has potential to turn things around, but it's not looking good.
You clearly didn't play through all WoD if you think it was better.
I never played during WoD so I don't know myself, but the people I've spoken to who did think that BFA is worse. Definitely worse than Legion in any case. It's funny, I was watching Preach's stream yesterday and the topic came up about new expansions always having problems at the start. So Preach went back through his youtube history and found the point in Legion that is equivalent (2 months after the launch of Legion) and found a video of his discussing the problems of Legion. According to that video, the problems were:

1. Legendary acquisition - There was a point when you could have unlocked the ability to equip 2 legendaries but not have collected any yet. This sorted itself out over time and became a non-issue for most players.

2. Secondary stats - Players were forced to equip lower ilvl gear because the secondary stats were so good that higher ilvl gear was a downgrade on performance. This is still a problem in BFA although Blizzard have tried hard to fix it.

3. The cost of flasks and potions for raiding was excessively high. This is still a huge problem and it seems Blizzard aren't planning on fixing it anytime soon.

And that's it. Compare that to BFA and the huge number of problems we face now, and it's night and day.
BFA is better than WoD. It's just worse than the end of Legion.
16/10/2018 11:05Posted by Хому
WoD had reforging, despite what people think I enjoyed it more than legion. Bfa is worse, much worse.

Reforing was removed pre patch to wod.
WoD start was quite amazing. It's what happened in second year was disaster
16/10/2018 11:05Posted by Хому
WoD had reforging, despite what people think I enjoyed it more than legion. Bfa is worse, much worse.

WoD had reforging?! Wich WoD was that?
Reforging was a feature that lasted for just Cat and MoP, and was removed with the WoD pre-patch.

It did had the rerolling of crafted gear; but that was a whole other can of worms.
To me?

Yes. WoD had issues mainly revolving it's pricing, the lack of content, the story and disliked content such as mission tables. Also much content was promised which they basically said "We are too lazy to do it."

BFA pretty much takes everything we hated about WoD, adds RNG gambling , tons of broken classes, boring trash filled dungeons, Ilvl mob scaling, jacked up loot systems, time gates, reputation gates, Ashran with no PvP.. ..i mean "warfronts"...and no...thats not all.

The point is BFA is garbage, went backwards from Legion and the development team is not even trying to make the game better.

Just try to fool us into their systems to make us pay more money.

As much money as Blizzard makes there is NO VALID reason why this game should be in this state other than Blizzard purposely doing it.
Well, I was unsubscribed for all of WoD so it's hard to say.

However, taking into account that BfA is not yet complete (we've still got the 8.x content patches to go, after all) and WoD content is - I am having more fun working towards my Garrison achievements than I am having in BfA content.

Take that as you will.
Yeah, pretty much. I had far more fun playing WoD in the first few months than I have had playing BFA. WoD had some decent open world content (for the first months). There's nothing interesting to do outside of M+, raiding and instanced PvP in BFA.

You know sh*t's f*cked when you're wanting the WoD mission table back.

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