Nice job btw low ilvl

17/10/2018 15:37Posted by Cutîepie
That luck though getting 3 pieces of 385 azerite gear. Meanwhile me sitting in the bags full with 385 rings

Enjoy BFA
Double sp mind trauma death throes stacking with both sps in the team bfa is the darkest timeline.

Also the trait scaling only works if your traits are doing clean +xxxx damage. Ret mastery traits dont magically give
you 700 mastery if you have lower ilvl.

I tried a lot as a ret you want highest ilvl possible with preferred secondaries. (I also havent played more than 2 games of 3v3 since i got glad 2 weeks ago there is that )
It doesn’t stop there re: Blizzard’s PvP ineptitude. Chris Kaleki has been found in bed with 3K+ rated teams, despite tanking at a solid 1.6k rating. No wonder PvP is so !@#$ed, the people running the show aren’t qualified:
Great game, next time be sure to buy deluxe edition with all the bonus Swifty costume and stuff included.
He is obviously good at the game ofcourse. But its a bad system if people opt for low ilvl gear and it still works.
17/10/2018 13:00Posted by Whisperer
I don't see anything that suggest there is scaling issue abuse.

I'm sorry for whatever accident you had
As far as i know this is how arena scaling works:

They ignore ilvl [agility/strength/stamina] above 300ilvl, becouse when you equip higher ilvl you hit less and vice versa, so the only thing that matters, is the Stats it self [secondary] so what this guy did is he dident have full vers gear, so he bought the greens on AH with vers + socket, as sockets are strong, and just as strong based on any itemlvl + it will make your item kinda increase in ilvl, if you do the maths you can add both stats together, and see when a socket is better or worse. so his gear will have less stats than a high gear player, but he have so much vers stacked up, that it can work, but this is not BIS, BiS is max ilvl with the stats you want. and trinkets + azerite items you want as high as possible as they dont scale
Nuke his rating, fix the exploit, make him start at 1400.
18/10/2018 12:22Posted by Kelduril
Nuke his rating, fix the exploit, make him start at 1400.

they dq him already...

imagine being disqualified for trying to be the most efficient in the system blizzard designed xD
18/10/2018 12:22Posted by Kelduril
Nuke his rating, fix the exploit, make him start at 1400.

Lol, he's allowed to gear as he wants. He's doing us a favor by putting a spotlight on the issues with scaling. It makes it much harder for Blizzard to ignore when !@#$ like this happens.
WoD, legion and now bfa crap. All these expacs are !@#$. I hope heads wil roll and soon. Wow is at all time low and people aren't coming back and this kind of stuff like scaling doesn't help
Heard hydra suggesting that scaling should only reduce damage taken so that you won't have to get one shot, but do nothing for damage done.

Sounds to me that would be a decent fix. No idea why it has to scale the damage up at all.
He got his rating removed? :O
yeah i did
19/10/2018 02:49Posted by Xot
yeah i did

Whilst i think it was a !@#$% move to "abuse" scaling when you could clearly get high ratings regardless, Having the rating removed is BS imo.

That's what Blizz get for thinking their community is too dumb to crack their magical Scaling system. This expac can eat my behind.
19/10/2018 02:49Posted by Xot
yeah i did

Removed how? Just wiped clean in all all rated PvP? Title? Mount?

Seems like a weird kind of action for Blizzard to take.

Of course it's their game and they can interpretate and enforce the rules as they please...but I don't know. Seems iffy.

Edit: Read the other thread, makes a little more sense now... a little :P
Swifty used this tricks. Equiped full 266 + sockets on his gear ( left only azerite gear) and got to 303. Belive or not he was toping the dmg in every Battleground and wining arenas with easy.
Blizz refuse to take responsibility for their own systems, what's new
19/10/2018 02:49Posted by Xot
yeah i did

holy !@#$ I love how you troll this entire community

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