thanks for destroying wow blizz

ive allways loved warcraft sines i got wc2 god knows how long ago now and i loved wow when it came out.. i used way too much time playing from the open beta of wow until mop, and when i start playing again in bfa? wtf have you done to this game???? you neglect feedback on every turn, you adapt the game ONLY to appeal to new players by dumbing everything down and make every aspect of it into mass consumption rather than a quality product. the social aspect is gone, gearing sucks, endgame content is the same damn !@#$ over and over and what do you do to improve? introduce garbage solutions that only feeds an addicted playerbase and a toxic playerbase... and introducing wow: classic as a solution??? you have to be %^-*ing kidding me, for those who dont like the game as it is today and miss the good old game we grew to love, just throw away all the time spendt waiting for you to fix things and start fresh??? !@#$ING START FRESH??? GTFOH!!! wow used to be your biggest merchandise and you put it in the same damn box along with all the %^-*games you are making, and cant even do that properly! the passion for making good games is non-existant now and the only thing you care about is delivering garbage to lure people in so you can get fresh players all the time and keep your subs rolling in as fast as they leave. its no wonder you make so much money when all you care about is making the new hot !@#$, and ultimately try to dominate the gaming industry by buying every %^-*ing piece of sellable product you can... i was genuinely shocked by the fact that you bought up the rights to call of duty and then i found out you own the rights to crash bandicoot now as well??? !@#$ this! seriously, if games under your ownership are going to get equaly "good" care as wow, diablo and hearthstone im going to stick to my old snes and stop supporting this mcdonalds style "entertainment" belching you are doing. im done, im completely... utterly.. done. take your good ideas for how to make a quick buck for as cheap as possible and kiss me where the sun doesnt shine.

bye forever, i urge whoever bothers to read this to do the same, nothing good will come out of playing wow... frustratuon and wasted time, thats what you are all paying for.
TLDR: wow sucks, classic will suck, goodbye.
22/10/2018 15:40Posted by Tokiri
TLDR: wow sucks, classic will suck, goodbye.

Not all heroes wear a cape..
Paragraphs are your friend.
another brick in the worldofwallofragequit
Another LFR legend quits... How will WoW ever survive this?
Is easier understand orcish
say what you will, i frankly dont give two !@#$s, and thanks for providing a good example of how toxic the community has become. you have a choice to say nothing and let this post slide into the far end of the forum, but no, instead you mock me for being angry with blizzard, something that doesnt concern a single one of you unless you, in fact, are a toxic player.

so go ahead, pile on, tell me exactly what kind of an insignificant "lfr hero" i am and how im not using paragraphs properly or spelling right, as in the end.. all you do is prove me right, so again, thanks.

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