[A] The 5th Affix: M+ Boosting Service

Thunderhorn / Wildhammer
Hello there, stranger!

We, The 5th Affix, are now offering boosts through mythic keystone dungeons! We are a group of friends who have completed countless mythic keystone dungeons together and have been running them since their very release during the previous World of Warcraft expansion.

Our services & price list:
  • Mythic Keystone Dungeon (10+): 80k gold;
  • Mythic Keystone Dungeon (11+): 140k gold.

Completing a dungeon with us within the time limit will grant you the Keystone Conqueror achievement and a 380+ ilvl item (385 ilvl if it's an Azerite Armor piece) from your weekly mythic cache.

You will also receive any piece of loot we do not need and that we can trade to you from the mythic dungeon chest (370+ ilvl) at the end of the dungeon

( ! ) Note that the mythic keystone will be provided by us.
Our boosting schedule:
  • Thursday (20'00 - 22'00ST);
  • Friday (20'00 - 22'00ST);
  • Saturday (18'00 - 22'00ST).

( ! ) While we sometimes do boost outside our of regular schedule, note that we never boost on Wednesdays or Mondays.

We accept gold as the only method of payment on all European servers and can cater to any specific needs you might have as best as we can. However, do note that we only boost players on the alliance side.

If you are interested in our services do not hesitate and contact me either in-game: Skyrazor (Thunderhorn) or via Battle.net: Sky#24838.

- Updated on 13th November 2018

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