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Twisting Nether
Hello everyone

Me and my friend Nell is on the lookout for a new guild due to our guild falling apart recently and we decided it was time to join a guild instead of leading one.
With that said we have lead a guild together for the past 3-4 years now and achieved curve in every raid tier plus cutting edge back in Emerald Nightmare. Most recent progress is 2/8 M and before that 10/11M in Antorus.

We both love the game and everything in the game aswell (less so pvp but it happens on occasions aswell, Mainly BGS tho).

We are both very relaxed and take the game as it comes but always focus up in raids etc and do our best regardless of situation. Outside of raids we enjoy doing keys and any random stuff you can come up with really, we both got quite a lot of achievement points and only missing Uldir and ToS meta achievement so achievement runs is something we always up for.

With our current progress being 2/8M we looking for a guild with same or slightly higher at 3-4/8M. We can raid any day of the week at evenings and looking for 2 or 3 days per week. As we do play the game quite a lot we also got quite a few alts we play reguarly and could if needed keep one alt raid ready aswell. We are mainly looking for horde guild.

As the title also says we are holy/disc priest and a warlock
Nell (my friend) being the priest prefers Holy for raids but can also play Disc if encounter requires it. She has been playing Priest since start of antorus and will most likely never swap main again. Tho she has always mained a healer since back in WotLK where she played Resto Druid.

Myself im currently playing Affliction Warlock mainly but can play the other specs to somewhat decent standard. I used to play Ele Shaman in Legion but rerolled due to disliking the changes to shamans. Before that i used to play Prot Warrior in WoD and hunter in late MoP (which is where i started playing).

We can ofc both link logs if you want to see that, both from Antorus and Uldir.

If you feel like we could be a good fit for your guild or if you got any futher questions for us then please either leave a reply here or add one of us on bnet.

Voidlin: KriffKraff#2974
Nell: Suzie#2347
Hey Voidlin

We'd love to have you and Nell at No Hope. Currently 8/8 Heroic, and 2/8 mythic, raiding 3 times a week at 20:30 server time. Monday is a heroic farm raid and we try to progress mythic on Weds, Thurs.
We take our progress raids fairly seriously, but also like to have a laugh while doing so.
Outside of raid, we run m+ keys and do achievements, as well as chat and play other games on discord,

If you're interested, feel free to contact one of our recruiters on Bnet!

Hello Voidlin,

We are currently recruiting for 1 Warlock spot and 1 healer spot, so I can offer you both spots if our timing suits you.

We aim to progress on mythic kills at a decent pace currently (4/8M), our raid time is 18:00 to 21:00 server time, Thursday, Sunday and Monday.

Please contact any officer if you are interested to join us.
gorelaz#2467 - GM
mephobia#21295 - Officer
frayst#2106 - Recruiter
Found a guild thanks!

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