Dread Aspirant gear drops.

I don't know if I'm missing something or not, the past couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of BG's for the leather PvP set (Dread Aspirant Leathers) but besides the Boots, Legs, Belt, Gloves and Wrists I can never get the rest by the loot chests at the end of BGs. I have had so many duplicates of the items listed above and plenty of Weapons, Rings and trinkets but they no of the other items (so Chest, Cape, Shoulders and Head) never seem to drop.

Am I missing something here? Can you only get these items from the Airdrops on Warmode? I've tried to look it up but I don't seem to find anything useful discussing this topic so I need to ask you guys for help. Is it possible for the rest of the set to drop from PvP or can you only get them from Air drops?
Stop going for the Dread Aspirant gear because it takes too much time to get a proper set and the item level is so low you can change it fairly easily. If you want to get the rest of the set you need to complete your Conquest Bar. The Conquest bar will give you 355 gear and eventually will create the full Dread Gladiator set (with 340 weapons at the beginning).

There is no limit the how many times you can complete the bar, you just need 500 Conquest Points, turn in the quest to the PvP NPC in Boralus and you can start the next one. Even this, at 355 ilevel, can be replaced easily if you do standard Raids (Heroic if you have a guild) or even Mythic +, but it is already far better than the Dread Aspirant gear you are going for. That gear is only acceptable if you just dinged and need some 300-330 ilevel gear to get started in Heroic Dungeons or LFR Uldir
I was referring to the blue/silver set you get from random boxes and air drops and not the set you get from Conquest points.

I basically have all the Conquest gear because you don't have to rely on solely rng to get it.
it does seem a bit wierd, that it is much easier to finish the glad set than the aspi set

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