"Hunter turn off Growl"


i would say 8/10 dungeons i am running i have the tank ask me to "hunter, turn off growl"

But it is off i have noticed when i enter a dungeon its off, i even started doubting myself i may of missed clicked and turned it on ,... but i haven't.

Is it because i have looms on ?
Am i missing something in the games mechanics and playing in a way of error and simply am uneducated ?

Is it the pet i am using ?
My Spec?

Please if any fellow hunter or anyone have any light on the subject i would gladly be respectful in listening to you and adjusting my play style.

.. if I'm honest its really putting me off playing the class.

Thanks :)
If the taunt is off there should be no issue really, just misdirect the tank. Your pet should be a ferocity pet, like wolf or cat or whatever :) Use feint death if you're getting aggro.

If people say it at the start of the dungeon it's usually just a friendly reminder.
growl is now automatically disabled upon entering dungeons since bfa what they on about
07/11/2018 23:15Posted by Skàtty
growl is now automatically disabled upon entering dungeons since bfa what they on about

Ikr !!
Have had this happen a couple of times. I have told the tank that he's complete !@#$, which is why my muzzled bear with a strep throat gets the aggro... Or maybe I'm overreacting. Perhaps it's just a habit most people developed throughout the years, because of the many hunters who were either %^-* or simply forgot to switch off growl.
07/11/2018 23:15Posted by Skàtty
growl is now automatically disabled upon entering dungeons since bfa what they on about

This ^

Also I ran a few dungeons the other day and was being spammed by this. I double checked it wasn't on and confirmed with the tank that it wasn't multiple times.. Might be part of DBM or another addon that some tanks use to measure threat levels for mobs and it just auto assumes with a hunter that growl is on?
From my experience with leveling a hunter alt, i can say that even though growl is turned off automatically.. sometimes after i summon the pet it glitches and my pet starts taunting on cooldown even if its not on auto cast
Try keeping an eye on growl and see if maybe ur pet also randomly uses it
Might be an agro issue.

My pet usually gets agro while im doing pvworld content, even with growl off, gaining it back moments later.

All our heavy hitters but chimaera adds agro to pet.
Growls automaticly turned off when entering instanced content, though it is auto cast when you resummon a pet.
There's also that aggro nerf they added, which some tanks seemingly forget about.

Anyway MD the tank and you should be ok, even with a tenacity pet.
Noticed this too and I've seen the mob has the growl debuff as well even though it's turned off, my guess was that the pet taunted when I got aggro even when it was off
Never understood why tank want that - if some hunter wanna keep growl on I just let him do it. Less work for me as a tank.
Your growl will be turned off in dungeons by default, however, I have noticed my pet sometimes still growls.

No idea why this is, but I have definitely seen my pets growl on CD despite it not being on auto-cast(with the sparkling border).

I can only assume your pet will growl if the target isn't being tanked, or it's a bug. But either way, tell the tank there is nothing you can do about it.
As a tank i sometimes wonder why a pet still has a single mob on it.
I dont really think it will overaggro my aoe threat (because other players with higher dps dont), so I conclude growl auto off seems to be buggy or acting in a way that is not properly communicated.

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