Give the above poster a compliment!

Argent Dawn
Seems like a pleasant and sensible lad. Haven't met I believe, but seems nice.
You didn't hearthstone away and leave our group when I managed to fall off the bridge in King's Rest. Clearly, you are very kind.
That's a very good amount of achievement points.
You're the only Alliance race I like.
That tiki mask really brings out the colour of your eyes.
That mog makes you look like a chad. What would improve is being bare chested, using a bit more fur and voilà... We got the legendary Broxxigar.
I can admire the bold choice to be a Huojin Pandaren.
I ... Respect your decision to be shirtless. How very brave!
Nice beard. Very manly.
You're not the worst Hunter.
I'd clean my ships plank before I'd let you walk it.
The classy hat and scarf hides the atrocity of your undeath.
Always a pleasant name to see on the forums.
The art of your character gave me a good laugh, i guess it's nice ?
hat good
I'd kiss ya even if you were the back of an agitated porcupine!

It'd just be like acupuncture for your lips. Or just punctured lips. Ehehe. Uh.

I'd still do it though! Because you're beautiful just the way you are - not the back of a porcupine.

I like your way with words! Yep!
12/11/2018 13:42Posted by Horkim

Edit: Oh no, I've been beaten to the chase. In that case, you look like someone I really want to beat up in RPPVP, and I mean this in the nicest way possible.

Dang. ;) I'm flattered. Not everyday that someone wants to beat me up... oh who am I kidding, rainbows shine out of my !@#$, everyone does. Lmao.

Anyway, Mosiawa, your char model and tmog is on point, makes you look like the nicest tauren ever!
Really lovely name - Arienne!
Lovely eyes!

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