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Argent Dawn
Your level has three one's in it, isn't this awesome?!
Your gown is rhyming so well with your hair! Overall, this looks cool.
Very bold looking Orc without all the spikes - based and redpilled.
You can punch me anytime.
Your Lok'vadnod will be great.
I've always admired the wisdom of Shamans, you're the best of your people.
That is a most excellent transmog for a Blood Elf warlock !
I absolutely adored your posts in the headcanon thread and have thus made some of them my own ;) You also seem like a pretty awesome person!
I quite like your name, you're a pretty neat looking mog too.
You pull off that simple mog really well where I'm almost envious of it.
Your eyes are like spotlights in the isle of conquest.
You're like me but bluer... Yay?
A great looking goat, char appearance goes well together with the mog. :3
This hairstyle's one of my favourites when it comes to the Void Elf ones.
We all...
...Look the same
15/11/2018 00:01Posted by Taliashadow
...Look the same

What delightful blue eyes you've got.
Now there's a guy who dresses up with some pizzaz.
You used the word pizzaz, I like this word. It has pizzaz, but also sounds like pizza.
Your PEAK is so DISTANT but I can still see your beauty from all the way over here.

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