Give the above poster a compliment!

Argent Dawn
Even when I click to see your mog, your face is still hidden under that hat..

But I know you're hiding the most beautiful eyes under there.
You're not afraid of showing everyone you're a warlock. That's a good thing, so brave of you!
Love your transmog and blue eyes
What a nice green skin, reminds me of the deep forests of Feralas.

Also, what an exquisite taste in fashion.
Thats a lovely belt
And that's a lovely beard.
What a fine looking shield, Undead repellent?
Having interacted with a couple of times on my hordie, I quite enjoyed them and the way you portray your character. Interesting Orc to put it in the most simplest words!
You are one of my fav people on this server and I am super thankful for everything you do for this community <3
Thanks for letting us burn your tree. :Ok_hand:
I am gagging with respect towards this fellow member of the Horde.

You better make me some good noodles pandaren.
I like your transmog. Simple but effective!
A true classic bluecoat, a worthy match in the field of battle. Lok'tar
Truly glorious antlers. Such a shame your kind, strong people chose the Horde..

Oh well, I bet you taste great all the same over a fire!
Mmm... You have a nice..
*Orc pauses awkwardly*
I must say that I have never seen such amazing shoulderpads in my life, none that fit with such a good class either.

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