Can we rewrite Jaina’s Song? ( Daughter of the Sea)

Hi everyone,

I just watched Warbringers: Jaina and thought about how this old sailor song was changed by Jaina’s betrayal. In Warbringers we hear the sailors sing of her betrayal, where it was a childrens lullaby when little Jaina sang it first with her father. Now that Jaina has become the new Lord Admiral, it would be weird for the Kul Tirans to keep singing their old version.

So imagine being a Kul Tiran for a moment ( which a lot of you will be once we get to play them), do you have a version or a few lines you’d like to be brought into the song, from a story perspective. I’ll try to start:

Beware, beware, the Daughter of the Sea.
Beware I heard him cry.

How wrong, we were, when she first came to port.
But she came, and turned our tide.

Real curious to hear if people have some funny or creative input here, all from a story perspective ofcourse.
it was a rewritten work of Daelin for Jaina to begin with.
besides give them some years to make a new one.
The song is perfectely fine as it is. Jaina should be forever berated for her crimes, lest she forgets and becomes a greenskin apologist again.
I'm pretty sure that Jaina doesn't mind about that song anymore. She simply doesn't care. She came to terms with the fact that she betrayed her father, but at least now she started listening to him. And in the end everything worked out for her. The civil war is over and House Proudmoore is restored to power. Katherine forgave her. The other noble houses of the realm back her claim to the throne. And I am sure that in time she will be able to completely redeem herself not only in the eyes of her family, but of her people too.

Of course, I would be surprised if that song were still fairly popular now that Jaina is Lord Admiral. Certainly Tandred Proudmoore, commander of the legendary Kul Tiran Fleet, wouldn't tolerate such song that mocks the new Lord Admiral, his long-lost sister?

12/11/2018 16:59Posted by Draedir
So imagine being a Kul Tiran for a moment

I already am.
Beware, beware, the daughter of the sea,
"Beware!", I heard him cry,
Unless, of course, you're here to rescue Zul,
In which case, you'll be just fine.

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